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Originals, prints and limited editions for sale

Do you like one of my paintings and would you like to see it hanging in your home or office?

Just ask via chat or email, most of the originals are for sale.


A cheaper option are high-quality art prints on paper or canvas, which I would be happy to have made on request.


From time to time I will bring out limited editions of high-quality art prints of selected works - highly interesting for collectors as well.

I am happy when my works find lovers!


My NFTs on beyondmars art

Since the beginning of 2022 I have been creating some of my images as NFTs on a climate-friendly polygon basis, which can be found on the beyondmars art platform. NFTs are independent, self-contained digital entities from the original, do not replace the original artwork, but allow the buyer to own the work in the digital realm. The right to the original remains unaffected. The digital realm is increasingly intertwined with the physical - an exciting future development and a dedicated market for digital artworks.

Check it out, more will follow.

Don't miss any new edition!

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