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I inspire the viewer for the beauty and at the same time the fragility of our world and encourage him to use his skills for a good future together. 


Life is change. Instead of anxiously fending them off, I encourage people to see change as further development and to actively help shape it, each in their own place, with their strengths. The basis for this is dealing with society, with the world as it is today, as well as the courage and freedom to develop visions. My colourful, energetic art raises awareness of the beauty and at the same time the fragility of our world. She inspires to remain open to new things, to become aware of one's own abilities and to be optimistic about changes in the future. Everyone can change their world and that of their fellow human beings for the better!  


Joy, passion and motivation belong inseparably together, this is how art is created and this is how good cooperation and the desire for progress are created - for a future worth living in.

My interview in the Future Art Magazine

"The desire to devote herself entirely to her passion for painting matured when she became more and more aware that she could touch people more intensely with her art than with anything she had previously done in her eventful life as an entrepreneur and politician..."

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My interview in the Berlin Art Magazine

"The creative process makes the condensate of all my experiences and feelings visible and brings me into an exchange with the viewer in a way that is not possible with any other form of communication..."

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