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"Art is freedom for the soul"

Birgit Reinemund is a German artist based in Mannheim. She has been enthusiastic about art since her youth, especially nature and industrial photography, which she has not let go of to this day. With photography and drawings, she processed experiences and impressions from her numerous trips during her time as a veterinarian and in her entrepreneurial and political phase. In 2018 she discovered her passion for painting and devoted herself entirely to her art. She took part in local exhibitions with her colorful and energetic acrylic and mixed media works. In 2021 she initiated the German-Austrian artist collective NewMA and its online exhibition and became internationally active, took part in the SwissArtExpo in Zurich, was promoted by a New Yorker translated pianists into music and has shown her artworks in Amsterdam, Zurich, Milan, Madrid, Marbella, Palma de Mallorca, Miami and in her hometown. In 2022 she startet to present her artworks as NFTs as well and had her first Metaverse exhibition.


  • "Long Night of Art and Pleasure", Mannheim, Germany, Nov. 2023

  • "Kunst für Dich", Group Exhibition, Willingen, Germany, Okt. 2023

  • SwissartExpo 2023, Zürich Swiss, Sept. 2023

  • Nicoleta Gallery, Berlin, Germany, July/Aug. 2023

  • Capriarte Venezia Gallery, Venedig, Italien, July/Aug. 2023

  • Future Art Magazine, engl. version, Deutscher Kunstfachverlag, Jan. 2023,

  • Artexpo Basel, Artbox Projekt, Basel, Germany, June 2023

  • Finity Gallery, Berlin, Germany, May/June 2023

  • New York 2.0, Artbox Project, New York, USA, April 2023

  • Spotlight Magazine No. 32, ​CircleFoundation, March 2023

  • Johnathan Schultz Gallery, Miami, USA, March 2023

  • Thomson Gallery, Zug, Schwizerland, March 2023

  • Casa del Arte Gallery, Palma de Mallorca, Spain, Feb. 2023

  • ArtLab, Artbox Project, Los Angeles, USA, Feb. 2023

  • Artist interview in the Future Art Magazine, Deutscher Kunstfachverlag, Jan. 2023,

  • Artist interview in the Berlin Art Magazine, Deutscher Kunstfachverlag, Jan. 2023,



  • Miami 1.0, Artbox.Project, Art Basel Week, Miami, USA, Nov./Dez. 2022

  • Web 3.0 exhibition "Dream The Dream" Metaverse Gallery, Vanilla Innovations, Nov. 2022

  • Exhibition Casa del Arte, Palma de Mallorca, Spain, Okt. 2022

  • the first NFT collektion "Dream The Dream" published on Opensea, Okt. 2022

  • SwissArtExpo, Zurich, Schwisserland, Aug. 2022

  • Biennale Artbox Expo, Venice, Italy, July 2022

  • Thomson Gallery, Zug, Schwisserland, Mai and Aug. 2022

  • Lelie Galerij, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, April/May 2022

  • Artbox Expo Biennial, Venice, Italy, April/May 2022

  • Exhibition "World 2.0" in the Urbanside Gallery Zurich, Feb./March 2022

  • represented by Artbox.Projects on Artsy, Feb/March 2022

  • the first artworks published as NFTs


  • Art Marbella 2021, via VanGogh Art Gallery, Madrid, Nov 2021

  • "Long Night of Art and Pleasure", Mannheim, Nov. 2021

  • EN:MO Livestyle, Fashion and Design week, Milan, via MADS Art Gallery, Sept. 2021

  • Co-founder of the NewMa Collective: Online exhibition "Querbeet" from August 7, 2021

  • SwissArtExpo in Zurich, August 2021

  • New York composer Margin Alexander sets two of my works to music and presents them in his concert "Abstractions Have Voices", Aug. 2021


  • smaller local exhibitions

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