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Mother Nature breathes - still
  • Mother Nature breathes - still

    SKU: 20210016


    Acrylic on canvas



    In numerous layers of acrylic paints and acrylic inks, a landscape image was created, partly in wet-on-wet technique, partly dry-blended, which radiates a peaceful calm. A female figure is sleeping in the fields behind the forest by the lake. Is it mother nature? Is she sleeping peacefully, is she still breathing? Yes, breath seems to be visibly rising towards the sky, gentle air movement to be guessed at. Relief: Mother Nature is breathing - still! Let's ensure that such harmoniously peaceful pictures are not only a memory but also a future - a worrying reminder. In addition to my love of nature, my inspiration for this atmospheric motif was a trip to Iceland, where I was able to experience intense northern lights (aurora borealis) for the first time.

    • Original, unique

    • unframed

    • signed

      Handsigned on the front and back and stamped on the back

    • with certificate of authenticity

    • 14 days right of return

      If, contrary to expectations, you do not like my painting in the original, simply send it back within 14 days. I will refund the purchase price minus transport costs immediately.

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