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I'm so excited that you are interested in my paintings!

Maybe one or the other of my pictures will appeal to you. Let me know about the chat of this page or by email. I'm looking forward to a good exchange!

I mainly paint acrylic paintings, abstract and expressive, mostly intuitive, that is, I start from a mood or emotion and without a concrete motif in my head, usually in strong colors and countless layers. In the process, the image develops from within. And again and again I discover experiences and themes from my eventful life or as mirror of my inner development.

Do you like to surround yourself with art that appeals to you immediately and that reflects your personality?

  • You appreciate the artistic value of original paintings or limited art prints and might even want to invest in art as the beginning of your personal collection and as an investment?

Take a look at my "Works" page, my Facebook page or my Instagram account. Maybe you like one or the other of my paintings. Most are for sale as originals, all of them are also possible prints. I will gradually offer limited editions of art prints.

Don't miss any news like my soon-to-be-launched video seminar "Collecting Art for Beginners"! Get up-to-date information and promotions ahead of everyone else! Sign up for my newsletter (every 4 weeks).

Viel Spaß


Portrait Birgit Reinemund, Künstlerin

Birgit Reinemund

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