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New series: Tropical Island - Fantastic pictures with acrylic inks

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

These two paintings, created in cloudy January, arise from the longing for sun, warmth, and the rich colors of nature. The delicate veil of morning mist still lies over you and you can literally smell and feel the cooler sea air. In the second, the air shimmers in the midday heat, only the blue promises cooling.

I didn't use a brush to paint either picture, only natural materials: branches, leaves, plant seeds, walnut shells, feathers and everything I discovered on my long walks in nature. They got their luminosity through the use of highly pigmented acrylic inks on cold-pressed watercolor paper.

This beauty and at the same time fragility of untouched nature arouses so many positive emotions and the desire to discover more and to immerse and preserve this peaceful silence. We can all do our part to make our world more beautiful and peaceful! For me the beginning of a new love, this series will continue to grow.

I wish you at least as much fun looking at it as I had painting it!


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