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The color blue in my art

In my intuitive painting, the color blue plays a central role, appears spontaneously again and again and fascinates me. What meaning is given to the color blue - not only - in art?

Blue represents gentleness - but in contrast to the present, serene green, blue is calm through distance. At the same time, blue also represents clear prudence, objectivity, neutrality and clarity - this instills trust and conveys a sense of security.

It is associated with many positive qualities: sympathy, harmony, friendliness, friendship. Blue is the color of distance, vastness and infinity. Blue is the color of trust and reliability. Blue is calm and relaxing, green is more calm and restful.

The color blue is associated with two of the greatest natural features on earth: the sky and the sea.

It was first produced by the ancient Egyptians and evolved over thousands of years. You can find more information about the history of the color blue and the origin of the different shades of blue under "The color blue in art".

A remarkable small but fine museum in my region deals solely with the color blue in a great collection. It was founded in Schwetzingen in 2017 and is privately operated. A visit to the Blue Museum in Schwetzingen is worthwhile!


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