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I have now converted some of my paintings to NTFs:

Click the links below for more information, including pricing.

I have now made some of my paintings available as NFTs. This enables you to own both the digital asset and the original or a giclee = art print of my work. My previous NFTs are being sold as separate assets, not in conjunction with the original painting or an art print thereof.

As with physical objects, the value of an NFT can go up, but they are much more accessible than physical works of art. However, NFTs do not replace the original work of art, but rather allow the buyer to own the work in the digital domain. They are separate entities.

I am making part of my work available for NFTs as the digital realm is increasingly intertwined with the physical and this seems like an exciting part of our future. The digital art market is exploding, the first NFTs have been auctioned for millions at Christie's, galleries for digital art are springing up, the first museum for NFTs was recently opened in the USA.


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