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My artist presentation at Culture Key - take a look and exhibitions 2021 :-)

BIO My name is Dr. Birgit Reinemund, born in Mannheim in 1959. I live and work as an artist in Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg. In addition to an exciting professional life as a veterinarian, later as an entrepreneur and politician, I lived out my creativity in photography (nature, industrial photography and lostplaces) from my youth and drew a lot on my numerous travels.

Since 2018, I have increasingly discovered my passion for acrylic painting and mixed media, especially collages with paper and natural materials, and today I mainly focus on my art. I am self-taught and have taken numerous art classes at Shaw Academy and artists such as Cepand Yegani and Chris Petrocchi (drawing) and Tracy Verdugo (abstract painting).

Since 2020, I have participated in regional exhibitions and in various invitations to tender for art prizes. After the lockdown it went round:

In 2021, as co-founder of NewMA-collectives, I co-designed and organized our online exhibition "Querbeet" (07.08.-04.09.2021).

From 25.-29.08.2021 you will meet me and my pictures at the Swiss ArtExpo in Zurich,

from 09.-24.09.2021 I present at the International Contemporary Exhibition "DE.MO"Lifestyle in Milano,

from 04.-14.11.2021 at the Modern and Contemporary Art Show ̈Art Marbella 2021 ̈ in Marbella and in the Van Gogh Gallery in Madrid.

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