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Monika Maier-Speicher Exhibition

Updated: May 17, 2021

A few days ago I visitiet the small, but fine exhibiton "Remembering Iceland" of the artist Monika Maier-Speicher in the GEDOK-Galery in Heidenearly lberg. Exspecially her delicate but powerful miniatures and her almost mystical-looking painting of waterfalls.

Out of the exhibion prospect: ""Monika Maier-Speicher wanders her pictures. In the last 16 years, many work stays in Iceland have shaped the image of an inner landscape that has been captured with almost all senses. Back in the atelier Atelier she creates paintings with natural-untypical colors, bizarre shapes, deep valleys and slaps of the earth's crust, gaping rock, sulfurous gases, hot steaming springs on snow-covered steep slopes, roaring wind over the rugged mountain ranges and falling water masses. From this imaginary "picture pool" the landscapes are created in many variations. The fierce way of working leads to increasing abstraction."

The exhibition is on view until 5 June

GEDOK Galerie Heidelberg

Römerstraße 22


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