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James Ensor- Exhibition at the Kunsthalle Mannheim - it's worth it!

The beautiful sides of city council work! Finally again together with city council colleague Volker Beisel at a live vernissage in the Mannheim Kunsthalle: Opening of the exhibition by James Ensor. It's nice when you can combine art with local politics.

The new colour scheme of the rooms in the Billingbau, the old Art Nouveau part of the Mannheim Kunsthalle, harmonizes perfectly with the graphics and paintings of the Belgian painter James Ensor. It is fantastic that the painting acquired by Mannheim in 1927, which was fortunately sold by the Nazis as degenerate art and not destroyed, can also be seen again in this exhibition on loan from Belgium!

Programmheft zur Ausstellung James Ensor

Dr. Birgit Reinemund und Volker Beisel bei der Vernissage

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