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Favorite picture: "The role of the media"


Acrylic/Mixed Media on canvas


This picture is one of the pictures that speak to me the most: The head of the sunbathers smokes with all the news and headlines. Parrots and other weird birds carry snippets of it into the world.

Intuitive and experimental, the work began with red, yellow and orange tones. In the course of the individual techniques such as wet-on-wet painting, filling, dry-on-wet painting with sometimes very powerful brushwork, also using twigs and fingers, the portrait of a reclining woman and bird shapes and from this the actual one developed Subject "Media literacy and the role of the media", which was the logical consequence of using collages with newspaper clippings.

Media stirs fear by dominating negative news of danger, crime and violence to reach outreach. In order to be heard in the fast moving media world as a newspaper, headlines are becoming more and more drastic and all the parrots and other weird birds only spread the hit times and greatly shortened content. Wrong interpretations and fake news are the fatal consequence - a painful experience in my political life.



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