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Exhibition "Goin", a French street artist is exhibiting for the first time in an art association

Summer party of the Mannheimer Kunstverein e.V. in bright sunshine - a good occasion to meet friends and finally see the current exhibition “Goin”, which was extended until August 31, 21. Lets go! More under

From the description of the art association: "GOIN is one of the leading protagonists of the international street and urban art movement. On his homepage, the French-born artist calls himself quite programmatically“ Artivist & Troublemaker ”. He made his debut in 1996 with the first stencil graffiti in public space and from 1999 you can see more and more Number his past ups, cut outs, templates and freelance work in France and the rest of the world.

Like many of his urban colleagues, he prefers anonymity. His goal is the messages in public space and not the awareness of the person who creates the works. GOIN is one of those artists who manage to articulate the state of mind and the justified doubts of an entire generation in visually powerful metaphors and in the striking compression of messages.

With his works he looks at a time in which inequality, violence, war, environmental degradation and corruption are gaining ground around the world. One can understand GOIN as the legacy of the Dada movement in terms of the good use of the revolt. GOIN stencils what bothers him in our society and calls on the audience to question all attitudes with dogmatic tendencies. His pictorial inventions are provocative and effective and hit the mark in terms of content.

The GOIN exhibition is an extensive and representative retrospective with 40 works from the last 25 years that has never been shown before."


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