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Chairwoman of the Friends of the Free Art Academy Mannheim

I am happy to support the Freie Kunstakademie Mannheim with its affiliated youth art school in their work and look forward to a good cooperation to promote the visual arts. Take part, become a supporting member! In the building of the Mannheim Art Nouveau bath "Herschelbad", the FKAM trains artists without age limit in cooperation with numerous Mannheim cultural institutions.

"On October 13th, the general meeting of the Friends of the Free Art Academy Mannheim e.V. elected a new board. The first chairwoman is now Dr. Birgit Reinemund, 1st deputy Ms. Bettina Scheeder, 2nd deputy Mr. Andreas Kaupp. Dr. Reinemund is involved in a variety of ways in the field of culture, was a member of the Bundestag and is a member of the municipal council of the city of Mannheim. Bettina Scheeder, trained art historian, is the managing director of the Museumsverband Rheinland-Pfalz e.V. Andreas Kaupp is a freelance architect with his own office and also frequently volunteers as an architect. " Photo: from left to right: Bettina Scheeder, Dr. Birgit Reinemund, Andreas Kaupp, Dr. Juliane Huber


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